Perfectcash has been financing various projects since their appearance on the market, at the so-called ICO stage, when there are only initial developments, and the project is just getting ready for launch.

The investment is carried out according to individual criteria, among which the desired share in the project and the volume of investment, stage and investment. The selection of the direction of start-up projects is paid special attention, since the company is interested in participating only in promising and cost-effective online projects. This is our team of professional analysts and economists who analyze a lot of proposals and determine among them those that can bring the desired income in the shortest possible time.

The company decided to attract additional investments from private investors, as equity capital can not cover the number of profitable offers available on the market. Due to additional financial income, we will be able to open new horizons in our activity, and investors, in turn, will be able to receive stable dividend accruals throughout the life of the chosen investment plan.

Status Paying
Site online 528 days, 5 April 2018
Daily income 2.3%
Min. deposit $10
Min. withdrawal $0.1
Payouts Daily
Withdrawal Manually
Payment methods –źdvCash, Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin
Investment Offers
2.3% Daily 15 days
Minimum: 10.00 USD
Maximum: 1000.00 USD
Principal Back, Calendar Days

2.5% Daily 25 days
Minimum: 1000.00 USD
Maximum: 10000.00 USD
Principal Back, Calendar Days

2.7% Daily 40 days
Minimum: 5000.00 USD
Maximum: 50000.00 USD
Principal Back, Calendar Days

3.1% Daily 50 days
Minimum: 30000.00 USD
Maximum: 500000.00 USD
Principal Back, Calendar Days

150% After 15 days
Minimum: 200.00 USD
Maximum: 2000.00 USD
Principal Included, Calendar Days