BitBuild Invest

GMO Crypto Inc. plans to develop its own chips for mining, they will work with an unprecedented degree of efficiency. The proposed chips will use 7 nanometer nodes, which would be four times more energy efficient than the current industry standard 16 nm nodes.

GMO Crypto Inc. plans to operate its own mines, rent them to others, and develop its own chips that it will sell packaged as mining rigs. It plans to locate its mine in northern Europe, presumably some place with cheap, excess electric power.

GMO Crypto Inc. is planning to supply mined bitcoin to group digital asset exchange company BuildCoin.

Status Not Paying
Site online 621 days, 11 October 2017
Min. deposit $10
Min. withdrawal Automatically
Payouts At the end of investment period
Withdrawal Instant
Payment methods АdvCash, Bitcoin
Investment Offers
%130 - 11 days
Total return: 130%
Period: 11 working days
Deposit: $10 - $10000
Withdrawal: automatically